Monday, March 16, 2015

jacoby jordan bowden 1.31.15

our baby finally made it. (6 weeks ago!)

at my 36 week appointment i was dilated to a 1. i am pretty sure the doc thought i was a nut because of how excited i was. my mom was coming at 39 weeks, leading up to her coming i was SURE jj was coming early. he didn't come until 41 weeks. little stink.

each passing week i was so discouraged. my mom had to extend her trip. my dad, markus and jordi left when i was 40 weeks and 6 days. they missed meeting my baby and i was devastated.

my doc wouldn't induce me unless i was progressing or i was 41 weeks. to be honest i didn't really want to be induced. but i was desperate, we live in AZ and have no one. my mom needed to go back, she had already been here for 2 weeks. i scheduled my induction for 41 weeks on the dot, i was already 40 weeks 5 days. the last 2 days were SO long!

1-31-15 finally arrived. i woke up to shower and while going potty i lost my mucus plug. i was having no contractions, but loosing that plug made me feel better about the induction. like maybe i wasn't forcing my babe to come when he wasn't ready. we went into the hospital at 3AM. got to our room, met the nurse. the plan was to insert a little pill into my cervix 3 times, hoping this would soften my cervix to put me into labor. maybe needing pitocin to help progress after i was in labor.
after pill 1 had about 1 hour i was in labor. contractions about 3 minutes apart and painful. i wanted my epidural that second but of course the anesthesia doc was in a c-section. i had to wait for what seemed like forever. but my epi was AMAZING, i couldn't feel my contractions but could move my legs. i rested and i was progressing rather quickly. such a different experience than with beckett. my ob came in and broke my water. a little later i started to feel pressure, knew it was time, got checked and was at a 10! did one practice push and the nurse was rushing to get the doc. the doc came in, pushed for about 5 minutes and baby boy was here. i know it sounds like nothing exciting and honestly, there wasn't. besides my baby of course. my labor was so much better this time. so much easier and smoother. it was so nice.

he was born at 12:18, he was placed directly on my chest and it was heaven. well worth the wait. he was a giant. i was a little stressed that his name didn't come instantly like it did with beckett. they took him to weigh him and measure him and check him out. he was 9 lbs. 2 oz and 22.5 inches long.

we spent a little time just jordan me and baby. it was perfect. my mom brought b over a little while later and that was wonderful. b instantly loved him and was so soft and good with him.

my mom brought food and i shoved my face and then barfed it all up. that was really the only time i felt terrible the whole time in the hospital. sometimes when i would read other birth stories, i thought they weren't telling the truth when the said how blissful it was. but really it was so much better this time around. i am not sure if it was that it was my 2nd baby and i was more aware of what was happening or if it were the hospital or the dr. it probably was a little of everything. the nurses were amazing and i honestly am so thankful for them and all the things they taught me while we were there.

we finally decided on a name the day after he was born. jacoby jordan. i like to call him jj. this was the name i wanted all along! ;)

we sure love him. he is such a good boy. he eats and sleeps so well and i am so so grateful. my recovery was 100 times better this time. thank goodness!

 this picture make me laugh. this is our reality. i created the worst sleeper in beckett. he wakes up a lot... STILL and i end up sleeping in his bed most nights. this was one of the first nights at home.

Friday, January 9, 2015

long, over due update.

AHHH. i just had this whole post done. and it deleted! why?????

lets get caught up.


b is now almost 2 1/2. its nuts how fast they grow. he is such a good boy, with a TON of energy.
he loves!
-his binki. i am not even attempting to take it away. he might be 13 with a bink!
-to have his mama sleep in his bed. as we all know, he has NEVER been a good sleeper. i know 1/2 of it is totally my fault but the other 1/2 is he HATES sleep. i try to have lights out tv off by 10 and then usually he falls asleep within the next hour. he is always up around 8:30 and most of the time wakes up around 3 am soaking wet with pee. he drinks a ton before bed, but i just feel too bad telling me he can't have a drink. so we wash sheets everyday!
-captain america and iron man. his new obsession. he still loves baseball and most days we are either playing avengers or baseball or both together!
-he LOVES to be outside. luckily it was 80 yesterday!
-he loves loves loves his grandma and grandpa. we miss them.

we attempted potty training. it was a little much for this prego, emotional mom. so i gave up. we will try again later.

- grandma grandpa yiya and ammie came down. we loved it!
-it didn't feel like christmas. it wasn't very cold and there was NO snow.
-we missed going to all of our other parties.
-we had delicious food! chili verde for breakfast and a roast for dinner!
-we were spoiled rotten of course!

-i love them.
- they are the cutest!

lights at the mesa temple.

 our new fave. activity. the tramp park. b loved it and so did jordan!

- we moved.
-i want to move back.
-the weather is really beautiful. I LOVE THE WEATHER!
-we bought a nice, new house.  that flooded when it rained.
-jordan's office opened jan 1st and he ate chicken wings that night! (he hasn't eaten meat in like 3 or 4 years.)
-did i mention the weather?

heres a few pics of our house. 


 here is when if flooded. it is now fixed!

-is due in 2 weeks. PLEASE COME EARLY!
-his ventricle is in the normal range! long story short, i am not sure what happened. when i left utah the dr went as far as telling me i should stay in utah. at my first appointment here, dr said ventricle was not enlarged. 
-is nameless. i still love jakoby and jameson. jordan loves brixton. we shall see when he is born.